Energetic Check-up & Realignment

Regain clarity and focus to make change happen.

Why a mindREset?

 Spend time on your personal and professional growth. Participate in an group program that structures your reflection process and guides you towards a refreshed perspective. This program is designed for you to clarify your personal take-aways from the previous period and transform these insights into a realigned vision to empower yourself.


You are not alone. Life throws us many waves of change. Change can disrupt the way we work, the way that we connect with others and the way we spend our time. Change makes us postpone plans, or even cancel them. It is frustrating to feel disconnected from your life-goals and purpose because of a turbulent period.

Our new normal confronts us with a sense of fatigue mixed with lack of direction.
How will you gain focus and energy for the coming 3-6 months?

Experience  the value of a reset - a fresh start. Clarifying what your take-aways are from the last turbulent period.
Realigning. Moving forward.
You don't have to do it alone.

Join a group of brave souls and embark on a holistic reflection and visioning journey. 
Enjoy the benefits of practical tools and e-coaching in this 3-hour program.


  • Check up on yourself and re-align with your vision, as a tradition.
  • Grow and learn at your own pace with 2 modules including instructional videos, centering practices and worksheets.
  • Anchor your personal intention into your subconscious and experience the powerful effects of Yoga Nidra.
  • Share insights and questions on our online community moderated by Amor Muto.


Reflect on the past 3 - 6 months and check in on your energetic household. Gain clarity and overview of where you are in the present moment.


Move forward aligned with your values and vision. Create vivid and resonating images and mantras to manifest your desires effortlessly.


Two modules guided centering and embodiment exercises, journaling prompts and worksheets. Share with and learn from fellow participants in a safe space. 

Amor Muto

When was the last time you updated your human operating system? To cope with and thrive in the environment you grew up in, you programmed yourself. However, you have grown, and some of that initial programming is outdated. Maybe you are aware of the bugs, have experienced some errors, or want to play life on a different level. 

Together, we will clarify what you consider unwanted programming and which foundations require change. We define the updates necessary to achieve the state of being you desire and the life you want. To implement these root changes, we’ll uncover how you reload your battery best. 

Since I broke my neck in 2012, I have become a student of change. Through my journey, I have learned to love change - even the experience of loss. I work with brave souls who want to live extraordinary lives. What kind of journey do you intend to have while you are here?


Regain clarity and focus
to make change happen.


  • Modules designed to set you up for energy and success 
  • Video guidance explaining all content and every exercise 
  • Digital worksheets to structure your progress 
  • Guided mindREset meditation: Yoga Nidra for realignment
  •  Guided centering practices

in January 2021 I participated in the mindREset program.. I have truly enjoyed this program and got to know myself so much better. Amor is a professional, compassionate and inspiring coach. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and knows how and when to ask the right questions.


PhD Researcher

I stumbled upon Amor's invitation for his mindREset course, 1 day before it started. As I was going through some unwanted changes at work, I was in need of a fresh perspective. I enrolled myself, and let myself be guided by Amor and the lovely group of persons that joined the course. Guided by his program, I dealt with reflections, discussions and questioning and I was able to put my mind to where it needed to be. I developed my own tools for my own guidance which finally led to setting up my own company: Studio Saal. I feel empowered and equipped with a new mindREset to deal with the challenges ahead. Thanks Amor!

San Dino


Amor's mindREset program helped me to discover what I find important for taking the next step in my personal life and what is holding me back to move forward. His kind, intuitive, warm and flexible style of coaching helped me renew myself. I also found ease and safety with the help of his meditative tracks.



Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After registration you will receive an email with the course access link.

You can drop me a message anytime!

3 hours is your time investment - two times 90 minutes. You are welcome to spend more time in the online environment and revisit the exercises .

As soon as you are ready! You can access the course as soon as you enroll.