Trust your Burnout

Discover what a burn-out is teaching you about your energy household.

Acknowledge your energy levels and inner state.


This course enables you to discover what a burn-out is teaching you about your energy household. Our facilitator shares recovery experiences from physical, mental and emotional burn-outs. We provide you with the tools that can help you to learn the most from the burn-out symptoms. This course will help you to make reloading a part of your daily life. Journaling and group-sharing is a part of this masterclass.

Burn-outs and its symptoms are all around us. Recovering and getting back to your old self becomes our primary focus. This course enables you to discover what activities and which state of mind replenish your energy levels. Learn how to transform your habits into sustainable behavior.

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If you are recovering from a burn-out or want to prevent this from happening, this course is for you. Feeling overworked or exhausted is a sign that this course has value for you
Join a group of brave souls and embark on a holistic reflection and visioning journey. 
Enjoy the benefits of practical tools and e-coaching in this 90 minute course.


  • Scientific benefits of intermittent self care
  • What people, activities and environments are best for you to harvest energy 
  • How your personal Energy Management Compass is configured 
  • Practical steps to improve how you manage your energy; mentally and emotionally 
  • a Yoga Nidra meditation intended for implementing self-love


Reflect on the burnout experience through empowering questions designed for optimal learning. Discover what internal programming brought you to a burnout.

30% RULE

Learn the technique used by top performers to prevent burnout and achieve sustainable high performance. Implement the technique by practicing your energy awareness.


Use the insights from the Energetic Dimensions to set yourself up for success. Clarify how you reload best: where and with who - related to your source of stress. 

Amor Muto

When was the last time you updated your human operating system? To cope with and thrive in the environment you grew up in, you programmed yourself. However, you have grown, and some of that initial programming is outdated. Maybe you are aware of the bugs, have experienced some errors, or want to play life on a different level. 

Together, we will clarify what you consider unwanted programming and which foundations require change. We define the updates necessary to achieve the state of being you desire and the life you want. To implement these root changes, we’ll uncover how you reload your battery best. 

Since I broke my neck in 2012, I have become a student of change. Through my journey, I have learned to love change - even the experience of loss. I work with brave souls who want to live extraordinary lives. What kind of journey do you intend to have while you are here?


Acknowledge your energy levels and inner state.


  • Modules designed to set you up for energy and success 
  • Video guidance explaining all content and every exercise 
  • Digital worksheets to structure your progress 
  • Guided meditation: Yoga Nidra for recovery 
  • Guided centering practices

My burnout was so many years ago, I thought I processed it. This course brought up some unresolved issues - and resolved them with powerful tools. Many thanks for the support from Amor.



Number one about this course is what I learned from the other participants. Amor provided great questions for us to reflect. Sharing and opening up about this painful experience had so much value for me personally.


Graphical Designer

I ignored my mental health and energy levels for so many years. I'm amazed that this course and Amor's coaching allowed me to change how I feel about myself, when I get tired. Such a relief, and an increase in productivity.


Saas Sales

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