Embrace your Fear of Failure

Follow your dreams without your fears holding you back.

Acknowledge your own courage and bravery. 


This course allows you to look at the origins of your fear of failure. We guide you through the process of transforming your relationship with failing. Our facilitator shares a constructive implementation of feeling scared. We provide you with the tools to embrace your own process of trial and error. This course allows you to acknowledge your own courage and bravery. Journaling and sharing is a part of this course.

Unfolding into the person you are meant to be, requires you to be liberated of your past. This masterclass enables you to follow your dreams without your fears holding you back. Learn how you replenish your energy and cultivate courage. Discover how you can stay energized while involved in trial and error.

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If you are experiencing anxiety around your personal and professional choices, this course is for you.

Join a group of brave souls and embark on a holistic reflection and visioning journey. 
Enjoy the benefits of practical tools and e-coaching in this 90 minute course.


  •  personal origins of fear of faillure 
  • new relationship with learning by doing 
  • 4C model and the implementation of fear 
  • How and when to be scared: energetically 
  • polyvagal technique to release stress induced by fear 
  •  Yoga Nidra meditation intended for embracing learning by doing


Discover what your fear of failure is about. Gain clarity on why you feel scared about certain things. Envision a life free of fear of failure


Learn the value and implementation of fear by looking at the cycle of emotions. Uncover your own courage and bravery by inspecting your growth.


Use the insights and tools to set yourself up for success. Quantify and clarify how you will grow in the coming period by embracing your fear of failure.

Amor Muto

When was the last time you updated your human operating system? To cope with and thrive in the environment you grew up in, you programmed yourself. However, you have grown, and some of that initial programming is outdated. Maybe you are aware of the bugs, have experienced some errors, or want to play life on a different level. 

Together, we will clarify what you consider unwanted programming and which foundations require change. We define the updates necessary to achieve the state of being you desire and the life you want. To implement these root changes, we’ll uncover how you reload your battery best. 

Since I broke my neck in 2012, I have become a student of change. Through my journey, I have learned to love change - even the experience of loss. I work with brave souls who want to live extraordinary lives. What kind of journey do you intend to have while you are here?


Follow your dreams without fear of failure holding you back.


  • Modules designed to set you up for happiness and success 
  • Video guidance explaining all content and every exercise 
  • Digital worksheets to structure your progress 
  • Guided Polyvagal release technique: Release stress in 2 minutes
  •  Guided centering practices

Thanks again for the powerful workshop! It got me thinking a lot about the bigger picture


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I just found your email in my junk. And it was a reminder to say a big thank you for the Fear of Failure Workshop. I really enjoyed the environment you created for lots of people to come in and open up. I thought the rhythm of the course was spot on.


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Thank You for triggering us to put our commitments in our agenda’s! 

P.S. Good that you nudged us because we now schedule the conversation ;) 


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