unRush Challenge

a new way to deal with December Rush

unRush Challenge

It takes 30 minutes of journaling. You are invited to write courageously by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Speak uncensored, taboo-free, shameless and be radically honest with yourself. Nobody else is reading this, but you.

Joining the unRush Challenge gets you:
1. Three journaling exercises with guided videos and clear instructions
2. Three guided centering practices to get you in the right headspace for journaling
3. A time-capsule reminding you how you unRush next year

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Course Curriculum

Amor Muto

When was the last time you updated your human operating system? To cope with and thrive in the environment you grew up in, you programmed yourself. However, you have grown, and some of that initial programming is outdated. Maybe you are aware of the bugs, have experienced some errors, or want to play life on a different level. 

Together, we will clarify what you consider unwanted programming and which foundations require change. We define the updates necessary to achieve the state of being you desire and the life you want. To implement these root changes, we’ll uncover how you reload your battery best. 

Since I broke my neck in 2012, I have become a student of change. Through my journey, I have learned to love change - even the experience of loss. I work with brave souls who want to live extraordinary lives. What kind of journey do you intend to have while you are here?


  • Unrush Challenge
  • 25

    Invest Now
  • Acknowledge what is rushing you
  • Remember what rushing costs you - energetically
  • Emphasize your Positive Focus


PhD Researcher

 I have truly enjoyed this program and got to know myself so much better thanks to Amor. Amor is a professional, compassionate and inspiring coach. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and knows how and when to ask the right questions. If you are looking for a coach that can challenge and support you, help you overcome your own challenges and guide you in moving forward in life, he would be the perfect choice.